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Unrivaled Medicine God
Unrivaled Medicine God

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Chapter 2316 – The Defeated Victor angry squalid
“What across the world is going on? Why have Next Sage end up so much stronger suddenly?�
Remedies Ancestor making established that this video game was around.
The whitened portions active the whole territory, exterminating all of the black sections!
Ye Yuan’s Tai Chi diagram actually resisted Treatment Ancestor’s highly effective strike!
This period, Ye Yuan’s piece was similarly extremely rapid.
Remedies Ancestor opened up both eyeballs and stared at Ye Yuan when he said.
Returning anew meant this bit forced him to go on!
… Aged thing, the result continues to be mysterious!�
While around him, the potency of Wonderful Dao suddenly turned out to be far more strenuous.
The Tai Chi Diagram bloomed yet again!
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Ye Yuan actually forced Drugs Ancestor to this particular stage!
“Ye Yuan isn’t as overbearing as Drugs Ancestor, but his Dao seems to have a style of remarkable magical ability. His strength is certainly not formidable, but they can always conquer the sturdy being the weaker.�
In the end, in just just one month’s time, Ye Yuan actually unleashed a hurricane-like counterattack, forcefully turning the situation around to this issue.
But not one person noticed that he shed!
“Ye Yuan isn’t as overbearing as Treatments Ancestor, but his Dao offers a form of incredible wonderful energy. His toughness is definitely not strong, but he can always overcome the solid as the vulnerable.�
“Brilliant! Truly too amazing! This shift is just fabulous!
But now, it did not extinguis.h.!.+
The surprise until this landscape gave everyone might be imagined.
all’s well that ends well to end up with you
Those individuals who searched down on Ye Yuan, ridiculed Ye Yuan, these were now all virtually cheering for Ye Yuan toward the back.
Over the chessboard, the main dark-colored bits not possessed a way out.
Remedies Ancestor possessed his facial area smacked with this element!
… …
Ye Yuan smiled and claimed, “Many as a result of Treatments Ancestor for assisting me obtain my purpose, permitting this Ye consider a lower number of detours. You brought Senior Sacred Ancestor ‘Ask Not’ two words immediately after battling with him. These days, why not … give this Ye two words and phrases way too?�
“What across the world is happening? Why did Second Sage become so more robust suddenly?�
Amidst everyone’s cries of exclamations, the territory of your dark-colored parts became larger and larger. The Tai Chi diagram turned out to be a growing number of steady!
Over the heaven and planet chessboard, the territory which the black portions and bright bits entertained have been almost the identical.
“Brilliant! Genuinely too amazing! This move is in fact wonderful!
Remedies Ancestor landed a part, the great battle was rear on!
“Difference of 1 / 2 a level! An impact of fifty percent a level!
Remedies Ancestor suppressed once more!
Treatments Ancestor’s manifestation already described every thing.
Medication Ancestor leaving behind established that this video game was over.
Lastly, Ye Yuan’s past element landed.